June 25th, 2009


Another fly-by...

Sorry I've been so absent lately—I've been going wall-to-wall on Jas' Big Bang fic, and there've been lots of RL distractions.

Jas' story is finished and posted now, and has secret agents and secret missions and a sexy villain: In Retrospect (Jensen/Jared, NC-17). A lot of work went into it, and I hope you'll stop by to check it out. Be sure to follow the link for the artwork, too!

Now that my brain is starting to come back, I'll be posting a few birthday drabbles and working on writing a few of the delayed ones. I have LOTS of writing to do. I was dying to sign up as a pinch-hitter for the big Remix, but between owing Sweet Charity fics and having Jas' beta, and lots of RL stress... I made myself behave. I still get itchy fingers thinking about it, though.

Yesterday we went to Oakland for HalfshellHusband's bone biopsy. It'll take 5-7 days for results, so no news yet. We met up with HSH's sister and got the kids back from the remainder of their visit—their cousin bravely took them on a trip to the Technology Museum in San Jose (he's 18 and shy, and doesn't have much experience with kids) on Tuesday, where they had a fantastic time and have now described things in great detail that I wish I'd gotten a chance to see!

Tomorrow morning, Lauren leaves for Girl Scout Camp, so there's lots of packing to do for that. That includes a trial-run on putting up a tent, unfortunately—she used to be able to sleep in the tent-cabins before.

I got a little sleep last night, but it's been a bad week overall. NO sleep Tuesday night, other than the 10-20 minutes before the alarm went off. I'm dragging. :(

How's everyone else doing?