June 16th, 2009


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We've seen quite a few movies and such lately, one in person and others via Netflix.

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The Shield, S6 finally arrived, and that series never lets up. We'd have watched S6 ages ago except that we thought we were waiting for S7 (!). Still an intense, conflicted, and fascinating show. Plus, my love for C.C.H. Pounder never ends.

Weeds, S1: we watched the first episode on instant-download last night, which saved us big on the turnaround time. Everybody I know loves this series, but it's just not for me. I can't deal with the moral issues in it, particularly the parenting choices and the utter destruction of childhood innocence. The writing is snappy and the cast is great, but it's a poor match for me and HSH in terms of subject matter.

I mentioned a little while ago that I'm reading Birdwing to Christopher at bedtime. This book has a great premise, but I find myself wishing somebody else had written it! It's a post-"The Twelve Swans" story (the Hans Christian Anderson tale), which goes into the life of the brother whose nettle-shirt was not quite finished in time and who wound up with a swan's wing on one side of his body instead of an arm. It's a fantastic idea for a story, but the main character is more petulant than the young Luke Skywalker. I also find myself editorializing as I read: because of the wing, the character can communicate with animals and understands their speech, but the author cheats for an extended period when the character is dragging his poor horse through snow and ice and cold and yet he remains conveniently deaf to the horse's misery. This is followed by a scene where the character plans to feed himself on fish and the occasional seal, and What? You'd kill a seal, knowing what it feels like to be the seal?

Saturday night, we got to a section where the character encounters a walrus. In the middle of this, Christopher went off onto an unexpected tangent:

"You know, it should really be walri instead of 'walruses.' We have cacti and fungi and radii. So the plural should be walri."

And because we also have loci and foci, and a ton of other examples, who can disagree with him? I've been cracking up myself and HSH ever since then, just randomly saying "walri." :0