May 31st, 2009


X Origins X

Saw the Wolverine movie last night, and enjoyed it very much. Lots of explosions and Rrrawrrr! for HalfshellHusband, and lots of Hugh Jackman for me (fierce, content, happy, focused, enraged, and just downright studly from frame-to-frame). The beginning of the story surprised me quite a bit, having seen X-Men and the other movies, but by the end it all worked. They wove this prequel into the other stories quite well.

The movie is chockful of man-candy. Ryan Reynolds doesn't do much for me, but he's there. Taylor Kitsch is working his charm, a super-handsome Asian model plays Agent Zero, and Will.I.Am., who normally does music and not acting... The phrase "pleasing to look upon" fell out of favor years ago, but that man—with his smooth voice and his smooth, rounded features—filled me with this feeling of serenity just from gazing at his face.

I really liked Wolverine's lady-love as well. Interesting character, lovely spark.

The rest of the weekend went by too quickly. I'd hoped to ride with Christopher on the bike path, but made it only a mile from the house before the front tire sidewall blew out my innertube again. I.e., Friday's blowout 2 miles from home (on the way back, for a change) was exactly what it looked like. Christopher biked home and HSH tried to go with him instead, but couldn't get his biking shoe on over his swollen foot. (Still waiting on those MRI results.)

OTOH, my unscheduled trip to the bike store means I'm rid of that evil front tire and the ultra-thick bead on its rim (nearly unworkable), and that gummy surface that picks up every piece of debris on the road and grinds it into the tire. Got a second one waiting to replace the back tire too, when the opportunity arises.

Christopher complained a LOT about the sunburn he got at his class's pool part on Friday, which mystified me because it didn't look that bad. Early tonight, blisters started to form on one shoulder. You can imagine how guilty I felt then. :0