May 28th, 2009


And The Days Go By...

Biked along the river path yesterday. The California grape plants have that delicious sweet/peppery smell right now-- I chase that smell all through my mid-Spring rides. It helps make up for:
  • Squirrel mating season :0
  • Wooly caterpillar death season
  • Cottonwood season (Mmmmm-- fuzzy air!) :0

    The heat's picking up (94o yesterday), which is never welcome. We'll be seeing this through October!

    In other news, I'm trying to return to a sugar-free state. After losing 24 pounds (10 away from my goal weight), the last four weeks were awful in terms of diet. It was like being a Freshman on Spring Break! Gah. Once I start with the sugar, it is never enough. This is the third day of sugar-free thus far, and it is SO much easier than the first day. The stuff is like a drug to me, seriously. :(

    HSH's MRI on his knee is tomorrow-- I hope they find something meaningful that they can cure with that. He can't even bicycle right now-- any movement through the knee is excruciating. I really doubt that it's an infection, because he has no fever and the area (while swollen) isn't red or overly warm. Keeping my fingers crossed for something concrete...

    Got any great plans for the weekend? I'm hoping to dig into my Sweet Charity story (please finish soon, I have another one to write!) and take a crack at the Big Bang I need to beta.