May 27th, 2009


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Thanks to all who participated in the various discussion on this post last week. There was lots of talk about writing and concrit, about the horrors of overly long school music concerts, and about Where The Red Fern Grows and age-appropriateness. Yay!

I need to get the kids' summer schedule info off to their aunt, so we can determine a good time for them to visit (in and around her family's schedule, which includes a trip to Europe and sending the youngest off to college). Our own summer plans are made last, both when to go up to Oregon and the always-too-late campsite reservation for our favorite place in the Sierra-Nevada. Registration for that opens in January, but I'm never remotely ready to commit to anything then. First comes Lauren's Girl Scout Camp signup, and we have to postpone everything until we know the results of that. Then, this year, classes for grade-school kids to take at the local college, then visiting their aunt, then Oregon, then camping. Finally have Christopher's course info back (Fail! Too late! Unless he makes the waiting list), and that session overlaps with the course Lauren got into. Either way, it simplifies things).

I'm tracking down photos from Lauren's Kindergarten year for a graduation project by one of the other moms. Took forever to locate the right photo album. When HSH "puts things away," he usually just puts them someplace instead of where they belong, and it drives me nuts. Worse since the ECT treatments that he's still undergoing.

Some of you have kindly asked about HSH's painful knee, which is STILL undiagnosed and the problem has now spread all the way down the leg. His doctor decided to focus on the knee itself, finally (the original source of the pain—if only HSH were more forceful with his doctor). A late-April xray revealed an "abnormality" there, and an MRI was approved. But the first available date was not until a month later (tomorrow), despite many phone calls about being fitted in earlier. The doctor is looking for a stress fracture, or for an infection (unlikely) in the tissue sheath that covers the bone. Meanwhile, the pain has increased (we're over the 3-month mark now), and the swelling is all the way down through his right foot. He can barely get his shoe on. :(

Keep your fingers crossed for some answers from that MRI...

Sam/Dean kiss

Supernatural Slash Fiction: "Hanging On The Hope Of When" (Sam/Dean, 4x22 Coda, PG-13)

Title: Hanging On The Hope Of When
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Sam/Dean (Slash)
Rating: PG-13
Summary (4x22, "Lucifer Rising" Coda): Dean used to think Sam knew...
Author's Notes: A belated birthday present for the lovely particlesofgale, who asked for this flavor of Sam/Dean story. The drabble form of this was too long, and I decided to expand it rather than trim it. I hope you like it!
Also for my spn_25 challenge, this is "Belong."


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