May 21st, 2009


Survived another bike-commute in to work...

If I can keep this up for another couple of weeks, it'll get easier— school will be out, and I can take the most direct route on my side of the freeway. That would eliminate some lights/stops that are really slowing me down! Once I cross the freeway and get out of that local neighborhood, the ride is much faster. Still around 80-85 minutes in, and the average speed is pathetic. I tried going faster today, but no— it's the stop/starts that are taking so long.

Today I noticed that the street before "Mason" (where I had the horrific speedbump/chuckhole extravaganza last week in the shade) is named "Dixon Line." When I pass "Mary Kate" on another part of the route, I always wonder if there's an accompanying "Ashley."

Also—and I hope this is for irony—someone named a cul-de-sac "Infinity Court." That is SO wrong!

Nothing majorly fun planned for the three-day weekend. We used to go on family outings (such as visiting Tilden Park) one of the days, but the kids have outgrown those places. HSH and I have a date Friday (delayed anniversary dinner), and one on Saturday—about time for both! \o/ My parents are coming on Sunday, which is also my M-I-L's birthday, so maybe a dinner would be appropriate. We also have some old family friends we hope to see, from back in the kids' preschool days. But no out-of-town trips, unfortunately. Safe but dull...

HSH and I have been married 20 years now. Our anniversary was yesterday, but our dinner plans got torpedoed by Lauren's school's Open House, and tonight is Christopher's Open House. We're still hoping to get away to a Bed and Breakfast sometime in June, though this weekend would have been nice! :(

Mini-rant on greeting cards: there are a lot of nice-looking cards to choose from, but why are they so WORDY? The more the manufacturer "writes," the less personal the card is, and I can't work with that. And the supply of blank cards is so limited! I run into this kind of problem for all romantic occasions, and also for Mother's Day (because my relationship with my mother does not fall into the "goopy" or "haha!" or "greatest-mom-ever" categories). *sigh*