May 16th, 2009

Starry Night

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The freaky dream I mentioned yesterday? Last night's involved me playing Mary Magdalene in some community production of Jesus Christ Superstar. I caught a cold the day of the performance, and the control freak who ran the whole thing kept threatening to have the chorus sing my part and finally substituted a bald black guy at the last minute who wasn't even in costume-- even though my voice was fine! She'd already cut the two first-act numbers before rehearsals started, because she "never liked them."

Meanwhile, in between times I was busy writing Michael/Mahone porn on anything I could find (including a candy wrapper at one point), and losing stuff in lockers all over town. Plus, my starring number that I never got to sing actually comes from "South Pacific" instead.

See? All crack all the time!

Christopher is back from his 4-day Outdoor School trip, where he missed us the whole time. Now he's very clingy and argumentative, and is in the kitchen right now filching gumbo as a snack because I told him if he was hungry mid-morning then he needed to eat something non-sugary. I would find this a lot weirder, except that gumbo is really good. :0

Off to go running while it's only 76-80o instead of 94+!