May 14th, 2009


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I survived the bike-commute in to work, with no major incidents. Better (and faster) than last year, though there were a couple of surprises. One was the spot where I waited for a light-change to cross a busy street, and after two traffic cycles realized that I have to push the "walk" button. D'OH! The second was a turnoff onto "Mason Lane" which was supposed to cut some distance AND helpfully avoid some major streets. The "Not A County Road" sign a block down was unexpected. "What does that mean?", I wondered. It meant that it was a private access road for residents, and that it was chock full of speed bumps and potholes-- in the shade. Quite the offroad experience! Won't be doing that again. The ride in was slower than I'd hoped (13mph average-- ouch!), sure confirmation that I really am NOT a morning person.

The route home will be longer, and I hope not hair-raising. Not expecting any trouble...

Tonight's the Supernatural finale, and I'm trying to prepare myself for the heartbreak. Let's hope it doesn't kill my muse over the summer, or anyone else's. I'll resort to writing S1/S2 porn if I have to! And wee!chester fic! And reading RPS like there's no tomorrow. :0

In other news, Lauren is extremely disappointed that Danny Gokey is out of the running for American Idol. He was her favorite, which surprises me (her tastes are creeping away from pop toward rock, apparently). I don't get the Adam Lambert thing-- I hate his voice (so shrill), and then there's the makeup and the lisping thing. Yick. Yet clearly a lot of people love him. OTOH, people like the band "Rush," and I could never get past Geddy Lee's voice either. :(