May 13th, 2009


The Universe Is Ending... Or The Television Season, Anyway

Last night's Fringe was full of interesting revelations and little pieces of angst. Oh Walter and Peter, what a bizarre and bittersweet relationship you have! Walter is the part of the show that really hooks me (the "out-there" humor alone is all I need-- "I've always WANTED a two-headed goat!"). I adore Olivia, though: strong, sensitive, kind, and capable but no superwoman (she's had some knockdown-dragouts with baddies and other agents, and she doesn't always win).

I really enjoyed Monday's House finale, though I know some on my f-list did not. It was a fascinating episode, despite making me think of "Angel" and Lindsay's comments about the Evil Hand making him "do things." I like very much how the "revelation moments" in the story unfolded, though I kind of wanted to kick House himself for the zillionth time.

Last night's Reaper was funny, and I'm really enjoying this season. Sam's assignments from the Devil are branching out a little (leading to wonderful misunderstandings and misadventures). Can't believe the happenings in last week's episode! Wow. Finale is next week, which is entirely too soon. :(

On the not-TV news, I have a book review to write for Amazon VINEs that is at least a week overdue. I've got more fic-writing, and also a sewing project I need to finish for tomorrow's bike-commute attempt.

Yes, you read that correctly. I printed out maps yesterday, I marked various routes (most of the "to work" and "from work" possibilities vary slightly, thanks to dangerous spots/turns in one direction but not the other). But I need a handlebar bag for my lunch and stuff (can't get a rack on the back-- it interferes with my rear water-bottle cage). I bought a great lunchbag that I hope to add straps/support on so I can mount it on the handlebars. That's the sewing project. If that doesn't work, then the girly basket I bought at Rite Aid will do. Basically, I don't want to spend money on a "real" commuter bag when I'm not sure I'll be doing this consistently. Last year I rode on my trial day, and that was it! Wish me luck. :0

I'm testing out x-posting this from Dreamwidth. So far, the layout style there drives me nuts. Everything overlaps or disappears, so I can't do tags until afterward. Right now, half the text is under display windows. :(