April 15th, 2009


And I Have Slain The Jabberwock...

Finished the taxes today (I was expecting to file an extension as of yesterday), and what a freaking chore. Disability overage plus repayments plus Social Security that might be taxable and jury duty payments that must be reported but that you won't get a statement for... gah!

It took me all day to realize that even though we paid back mistaken excess disability benefits to my husband's policy holder... we don't report the "actual" on this year's taxes, because the IRS doesn't work that way. Report whatever info you had as of 12/31/08, and any fixing up doesn't get reported until next year. Finally got that straightened out, all systems were go, and was on the verge of e-filing when... wait, having forfeited daycare reimbursement means I can't e-file? I have to print and mail the forms? Which will say exactly the same thing as the e-file version, so WHY?

Normally I don't do this at the last minute, but I'd been waiting forever on revised info from the disability company, and was expecting to file for an extension until yesterday morning (when I realized that you have to practically know what your taxes will be before you CAN file an extension). So I didn't even start on it this weekend! Instead, I tried to get the house into some semblance of order again and get the anti-aphid stuff on @80 rosebushes.

Sunday, the cold that tried to get me before leaving for Disneyland returned and won. I've had a sore throat and ears since then, and I'm feeling worn down. The taxes didn't help.

So, all this Dreamwidth fluttering that's happening... anyone have a spare invite? I'm not planning to move (they'll have to crowbar me off LJ), but in case too many friends drift over there, I want to maintain contact. I've been through this before, but better safe than sorry.

And because it's been SUCH a fantastic week... I apparently need to torrent the Terminator:SCC finale (the DVD got full), and last night's "Reaper" (which did NOT record, and who knows why).

*sigh* Is it Friday yet? And why doesn't RDJ's new movie open THIS week? *is impatient*