March 15th, 2009


Happy Birthday, Athena!

Today is the birthday of the lovely acostilow, and I hope wonderful things are in store for you. This year was finally better than the last, and all my wishes for that goodness to continue.

And if you'd like a drabble, please let me know! :)
Sam/Dean kiss

Supernatural Slash Fiction: "The Barest Whisper Of A Bone-Dry Soul" (Sam/Dean, PG-13)

Title: The Barest Whisper Of A Bone-Dry Soul
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Sam/Dean (Slash, Drama)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: All the things Dean so desperately clung to have lost their luster.
Author's Notes: An AU from mid-season 4 (because if Kripke won't make them happy, then I certainly will). Written for my spn_25 challenge. This is "Mystery."


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Minor Laments and Musings

I almost cringe when I go to my LJ info-page these days, because I'm afraid I'm going to find still another person on my f-list with a strikebar through her name. Don't leeeeave!

The other pang is that a few of you are using LJ styles that are incompatible with my Internet Explorer (version 6.X something, because Version 7 has a sucky interface). I can no longer comment on huggenkiss' or brynwulf's journals, nor ready anything below an LJ-cut. All I get when I click is a big, blank box. *cries*

Lauren's team lost their playoff game today, which was a shock because they should have won it easily. Collapse )

Christopher's team won their game, after a nail-biting first quarter, so that part of the day was a yay.

This weekend, I finished the Tony/Rhodey story that's been dogging me since January, and posted a Sam/Dean fic that finds a happy ending out of S4. I'm very satisfied on both counts.

On the movie front, we watched Gone, Baby, Gone last night. Really, really good. A little hard to watch in spots (child endangerment is stressful for both of us), but what a fascinating story, and what interesting twists it had all the way through. Great cast—by the end, you understand why Morgan Freeman was brought in for this one.

Desperate Housewives: it's possible that I dislike every cast member on this show now, to a certain degree. Last week I muted the show during some awful Lynette and Tom scene where they were getting overly competitive with each other, because it was just too ugly. As for Brothers And Sisters, I'm mostly down to the boykissing parts and I still kind of wish Kevin hadn't ended up with Scotty. I've been muting the Sally Fields character most of the time since S1, and always when she and Calista Flockhart are onscreen together. Then it was Justin, and dimestore Liev Schreiber, and the lisping Patricia Wettig, and now even Sarah. I could actually enjoy Rob Lowe's character (Republicanism aside) if Kitty weren't in so many of his scenes. Seriously, there's not much left that I'm actually watching—neurotic characters wear me down sometimes, but when they're ALL neurotic? My patience dies. :(