February 16th, 2009


Birthdays three, for you and me!

By now, you probably all know what the crabby little cake-penguin means. It's birthday time!

Yesterday was the birthday of the lovely and talented chanchito_z, whom I met via Prison Break a couple of years back and who has thrilled us all with her amazing writing. I miss loving the show along with you, Chanchito!

And today is the birthday of both mooyoo (also from my Prison Break days) and winterlive (whom I met via her incredible J2 RPS story, "Storm Comin' On," that is still the one that I recc to people who are just discovering the pairing). Happy birthday, both of you!

Now, I happen to know that all three of you live in climates where the winter is merciless, and that your birthday probably features/d cold and snow. If there's a drabble that you'd like in any of our shared fandoms to help warm you up, please say the word! ♥

Random Fandom

The True Meaning Of Smekday Fiction: "Even Fugitives Have to Stop And Catch Their Breath"

Title: Even Fugitives Have To Stop To Catch Their Breath
Fandom: The True Meaning Of Smekday
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Gratuity ("Tip") Tucci, J Lo the alien, Pig the cat(Gen)
Rating: G
Summary: For the Gen Fic Battle hosted fox1013. I picked the prompts of "J Lo, sheets, and pickles."
Author's Notes: Yes, I know hardly any grownups have read the book but me. But it's a completely wonderful and hilarious story! Just doing my part to spread the love.


I was so looking forward to getting out of New Mexico, you can't imagine. With Crazy Vicky turning Pig over to the Boov and the Gorg trying to blow us up, I couldn't wait for miles of nothing but cactus and rocks.

Except that we needed to stop for fresh supplies before we got too far along. The folks at the compound probably weren't the sharing kind, and our store of cat food was getting pretty low.

We found a mini-mart on a lone stretch of highway about a hundred miles from the Arizona border. We parked right next to it, and J Lo put on his sheet and mittens in case we weren't the only ones around. It seemed pretty quiet, but you never knew.

The things stores had in this part of the country… it was a complete mystery. Illinois had ice-scrapers and Lincoln-penny souvenirs, but the stuff in the Southwest was weird. String necklaces and cowboy hats everywhere, and plastic lizards and fake cow-skulls. Plus all kinds of hot sauce, and I didn't know if people actually ate that or if it was something for tourists. I stuck to the food I recognized instead.

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