February 12th, 2009


Memeage and other stuff...

I'm so behind that I'm just now getting to the usual weekend blather. :0

Saturday's movie was Nancy Drew, which was better than we expected after the setup jolted us. I was a big reader of the Nancy Drew books back at age 10/11, and Nancy was clearly of college age. What a surprise to have her be in high school instead. (and why exactly?) Nancy and her friends actually looked to be about 14, which was even more jarring:

Nancy's Dad: So, did you park the car nearby?
HalfshellHusband's reaction: What, the pedal car?!?

The movie's sense of irony finally won us over, but I still don't why they changed Nancy's age. Was smart-aleck Nancy supposed to be more appealing? Or maybe they thought it would be smart to make her closer in age to her audience demographic, which is exactly the kind of crap-thinking that ruins movies and TV shows all the time.

Sunday, the kids had two exciting basketball. Lauren scored 8 points, which is incredible for her. She played a really good, aggressive game (and not just on defense), and that's very new. Christopher's team unexpectedly lost in a heartbreaker. They should have defeated their opponents easily, but with 1:30 left in the game and a 5-point lead, his team left the other team's 3-point shooter open for the long shot (down to a 2-pt lead), didn't slow things down at their end and missed their shot-rebound, and left the 3-point shooter open again after his coach's timeout. Christopher's team was down by 1 then with seven seconds left in the game, and though they executed a great play, the shot didn't go in. One boy threw himself on the court in despair, and there were tears all around. The lesson here is, stop hot-dogging and secure a bigger lead!

And now here's the meme, stolen from virtually everyone:

I can certainly live with that choice! Though I've already got the husband I want. :)