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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors
21 January 2009 @ 05:42 pm
On Monday, our local newspaper reprinted the Associated Press article feature a list of Bushisms from over the years. Christopher laughed himself sick over them (as did we), and kept rereading them. He probably didn't understand the gaffe contained in Bush's lament for OBGYNs and their struggle to "practice their love with women all over the country," but he definitely got the rest. ;)

I've mentioned the Op-Ed writer Leonard Pitts before, and I wanted to share two of his recent articles with you. One, printed on MLK day, was a remembrance of people he wished could see Obama become President, and the other (printed today) was on the Inauguration itself. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

I got a chance to play Guitar Hero again last night, while everyone else was at basketball practice. Why on earth doesn't the original version have a "practice" mode where you can slow the songs down? Because having them come at me full speed again and again doesn't help me see the notes any better. Plus, if you miss too many the song will fail, so again-- just watching won't help you! I have made it through Cream's Crossroads without failing exactly once, and the next level of songs is killing me. I love Texas Flood (never heard it before), but it's pretty challenging. And there's another in that group where I just can't figure out when the notes are supposed to happen. Seems like I'm strumming in the right place, but apparently not. :0

Monday's House, M.D.: for crying out loud, take the kid out of the room while his father is on the verge of death!

And as to Fringe, I'm really only watching the show because I like Olivia and I love the weirdness of Walter and how he and Peter yank each other's chains so consistently:

Walter (cheerful nutjob voice): I'm dosing a bug...
Peter (eyeroll voice): Of course you are.

Now, on the minor grumpage front, someone posted a rec page on SPN drabbles yesterday and I wasn't even mentioned. That always make me feel a little weird, especially since I massively post to both of the comms that were listed. And then I'm bothered that it bothers me! Or something.