January 15th, 2009

Sam & Dean Gen

Happiness Is A Warm Kitten...

I'll probably get to do more than just trudge the cookie-selling route this weekend. Assuming we can get a babysitter, Emma Thompson (HalfshellHusband's weakness) has a new romantic comedy out, and we still haven't seen Benjamin Button. One of those, please!

Today, there was a little girl outside the Metro PCS store that is next to where my hairdresser now works. She was leaning over and I thought making goofy faces at someone inside, but then she straightened up and I saw that she had a sleek gray cat in her arms. She held it up and crowed at it, then showed it the inside of the store again. I stayed there for a while to watch, because she was cracking me up. The cat, probably a 7-8-month-old kitten, had a look on its face that was a cross between "Why?" and "Eh. Whatever..."

On today's unexpectedly smooth plane-landing in the Hudson River... way to be a hero, Mr. Pilot! Awesome! That guy did an amazing and clear-headed job of keeping everyone safe. Apparently, the FAA plans to crack open the black box tomorrow, even though they think a flock of birds was responsible for the crash. What can they honestly expect to get out of the flight recording? I can almost guess the exact contents:

Plane: whooshy-whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-*ploompf!*
Pilot: Wait, what? 'Ploompf'? WTF does that mean?
Plane: *leans* yowm-yowm-yowm-yowm—
Pilot: Crap, we've lost an engine!

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Next week's Supernatural: Barry Bostwick chews scenery until the audience explodes in cracktasm! I should probably complain about wanting a 'deeper' episode, but I'm still stuck on cracktasm! \o/