January 3rd, 2009


Happy Birthday, dark_reaction!

I hope you've been enjoying yourself today, especially with a Saturday birthday and one that's happening during a school break. Clearly you will have time to party!

Many happy returns to you today and every day, and may good things be in your future!

Flyover Post...

Sorry about being so absentee these last couple of weeks. There's always lots to do around the holidays, and then the kids are at home all day and nothing seems to get done-- posting, reading, home projects. Today alone was a scattered attempt to put away Xmas lights, pay bills, check on the mortgage refi situation, launder curtains, get Lauren's room ready for some wallpapering, and go out on a date. Whew!

We saw Australia tonight. While we liked it (Hugh Jackman was gorgeous, Nicole Kidman was good, the scenery was different and wonderful) we both thought it was overrated. Someone really needed to wrangle that story into shape-- there was a natural ending around 2:20 in where all the heroes/villains were taken care of and some concluding emphasis would have cemented things. Why the WWII detour for the next hour-plus? And Luhrmann really should have decided which story to tell-- the injustice to Aborigines would have made a fine movie on its own, certainly a more important one than the main story. This was just a mess, unnecessarily long. Pretty, but out-of-control.

At home, we've been watching Extras, S1, which is a piece of looniness from Ricky Gervais. Movie extras wander from the background of one film to another, trying to finagle actual speaking lines (or unnoticed screen time). Their lack of talent works against them, and sometimes their agents-- one man discovers that the cover letter his agent has been sending around reads more like a pity plea: "God knows why this overweight, middle-aged, average-looking guy wants to be an actor, but if you can help make his dream come true, then please call."

We're also trying out Burn Notice, and liking it so far. Snappy writing, dry humor, and funny narrative on the how-tos of being a down-on-your-luck former spy who takes random jobs for money while trying to figure out who screwed him over. Features duct tape and zip-strip as important parts of an impromptu weapons arsenal!

I asked for the original Guitar Hero for Xmas, to get some of the songs on that version. Yay for "Smoke On The Water" and "Killer Queen!" Major rotten tomatoes for "I Love Rock And Roll," which was and is stupid, pointless, and repetitive-- a deadly combination for this game, where you need to pay attention. I'm on the Shredder tunes right now, trying to beat "Crossroads" on Hard. Ouch.

Christopher got NCAA Football 2009 for Xmas, and has the hang of it now. The first day was a lot of yelling (you can control your team, but the other team is allowed to be devious), one period of such constant whistle-blowing that I thought his quarterback must have become the king of intentional grounding, and (still) a LOT of repetition of the Cal fight song (now stuck in my head). Best feature? Mascot Mashup, where your football teams are populated with your chosen schools' mascots. Oscie Bears vs. bunches of cloth hornets! Oranges running around on useless little legs (Syracuse)! Stanford isn't included (Cardinal as "red"), but I wonder if the Buckeyes are?

The rest of our days have been "No pity-kibbles for the cats!" and "Christopher, go outside" and "Turn off the video game now," punctuated by some bowling and miniature golf.

And far too little ficcing! :(

ETA: Here's what comes of being away so long-- apparently I need to post my Yuletide story for real. D'OH! Late already!