December 16th, 2008


I, Robot

So, after yesterday's meme results from the "Your Personality Defect Quiz", which labeled me as a robot, I started thinking about who some of my favorite robots are.

There are few that I've hated, except for Twiki from Buck Rodgers ("Bee-dee-bee-dee-bee-dee") whom I want to kill every time he makes that noise (sorry, Dei!).

But among my favorite Robots, in no particular order,
* Marvin, the Paranoid Android (from the "Hitchhiker's Guide" series). Not fun, but definitely funny. The scene where he outwits the giant attack robot on Frogstar is still one of my favorites.
* WALL-E, who is sweet and kind-hearted and has those big, soulful eyes under all that rust.
* Bender, from "Futurama." He's so badly behaved, and yet so funny. That episode where lightning strikes him and he falls through the roof of The Church Of Robotology, and comes to worship Beelzebot, is the best of them all.
* R2-D2. I really think he's my favorite-- I've loved him since the first Star Wars movie, right down to his little noises (alarmed, snarky, enthusiastic, frightened, lonely, sad) and his little shop-vac shape. :)

This is a different list, of course, from my favorite Cyborgs:
* Data, from "Star Trek: TNG." Funnier than you'd expect, and oddly kind.
* The Holo-Doc from "Star Trek: Voyager." I guess he's more of a cyber-intelligence (an AI) than a Cyborg, but he feels like he belongs here.
* Seven-of-Nine, also from "ST: Voyager." She was added to the show to increase the T&A quotient in hopes of a bigger juvenile male demographic (ork), and yet she became the show's most interesting character. Next to Tuvix. ;)
* Roy Batty from "Bladerunner." His final scene is the most memorable part of that movie. In a simple two-minute stint of dialogue, he goes from being a thug to a poet, and the viewer suddenly understands his fierce need to continue living.
* The Terminator (Ahnold version). Powerful, relentless, and unintentionally funny.
* Robo-Cop. This character had such pathos in the first movie and the opening of the second-- a creation that should have been a machine, but still longed for the family he'd lost when the human he originated from died. I wish they'd built on the promise of that character's potential, instead of going the "Blam! Blam!" route for him.
* The Skynet Queen, from "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles." It's probably wrong of me, and I'm sure if she didn't have that lovely accent and those wiles that she wouldn't be on my list, but there it is.
* Cameron, from "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles." The surprise here is that I'm not a big Summer Glau fan, and I don't find her especially pretty. But this cyborg's subtle soulfulness and the really dry humor she unknowingly creates has won me over.

And I'm sure I've forgotten someone really major, so please add your own in the comments below!