December 15th, 2008


Drags feet in epic fashion

We spent Sunday in the Bay Area for our new nephew's 6th birthday party (the little boy adopted from Russia). That was really nice, and we visited with my husband's side of the family quite a bit. It took up the entire day, though, and we spent the evening decorating the tree (running behind) and then HalfshellHusband and I finished The Visitor (yay!) after bailing out Saturday night on the toxic and stupid A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints (which got us with the Robert Downey Jr. bait-and-switch).

I spent virtually all of today shopping (and lots of Saturday). Most of it is done, though none of the baking, but Christmas has just been exhausting since we had kids and all the harder with HalfshellHusband's depression and trying to get things finished for both sides of our large families. *sigh* I wrapped presents until 11:30 tonight (including some of HSH's birthday presents), and now I'm trying to force my Yuletide story to move along. That's adding to the stress-- I really thought it would be done before now, and it NEEDS to be done soon.

So, I distract myself with posting and with a quiz meme (below). Note the "Opposite" personality from me-- it's Christopher! Not that I'm surprised...

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You know, the "TMI" in what I cut mainly isn't TMI about me-- it's about the person who wrote the test!