December 3rd, 2008


What I wrote in November

I did a lot of writing this month, thanks to a bunch of birthdays and the mini_wrimo challenge. Lots of progress on fics, though many are unfinished (and therefore invisible to you!), but this happens every year. I'm creeping through my Yuletide story, I got one of the Sweet Charity fics done, and Tony Stark had a very busy month at my hands. ;0

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It's Lady_iz' birthday, and I'm late!

I went from thinking ahead on this to nearly missing the date, and that would be a tragedy!

Today is the birthday of the lovely and talented lady_iz, whom I met when Prison Break started up. \o/

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They're prepared to last out the celebration with you, but warn you that if you drink too much, Collapse )

But you'd still hit that, right? I know I would!

Many happy returns to you! ♥

And there are some extra greetings below in the comments. :)