November 29th, 2008


Iron Man Slash Fiction: The Relationship Of Fact To Fascination (Tony/Rhodey, R)

Title: The Relationship Of Fact To Fascination
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Tony/Rhodey (Slash)
Rating: R
Summary: How can Tony be sure of something he's never had before?
Author's Notes: This follows The Intersection Of Points R And T in a series written for tentinyfandoms (this one for the prompt of "Evidence).

- Part 1
- Part 2


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Happy Birthday to thehighwaywoman!

I meant to do this earlier, and I hope you're still awake!

Many happy returns on your special day, and I hope you've been feted and feasted today and are basking in the aftereffects now.

Best wishes for the year ahead, and if you'd like a drabble for your birthday please let me know!