November 8th, 2008


Happy Birthday, gretazreta!

I hope you've had a great birthday thus far, and will have a good year to come as well!

Want a drabble? Just let me know! :)


Still cranking away at the writing, slowly. I've got some longer fics in the background (creeping or stalled-out), and some that are on my list to do this month. Porning Sam and Dean is one goal. I've started one of my Sweet Charity fics-- finishing it and starting the other would be great. I've got an Iron Man fic in the works, and a really heavy supply of birthdays this month (expect some more drabbles!).

On the plus side, I porned Michael and Lincoln AND got rid of that really pesky "purple" prompt for fanfic100. That one's been dogging me for years (now if only the various food/eating prompts would knuckle under). I've got all these wonderful prompts left in my prisonbreak100 table for Gen, but they're all kind of... momentous. As in, writing fluff for them would feel like I was wasting them. :(

What would all of you like to see this month? Maybe it'll inspire me!

For my quiz the other day, I see that most of the people from the various British areas were the ones to select the candy apples with the red stuff. athrosknot tells me it's just sweet glaze. Is it hard to make caramel apples in your areas? In the U.S., we just buy a bag of Kraft caramels and melt them down according to the instructions.

Okay, now my mind is in a very wrong and food-oriented place...