November 4th, 2008


It's a big, big Tuesday!

First, Happy Birthday to pamalax, a kind and versatile lady whom it's been my pleasure to know since S1 of Prison Break! I hope you have a great birthday, and are not too tired to enjoy it. :D Care for a snippet of fic? Please let me know!


I voted. Went with a book and everything, but there was hardly any line— a combination of good timing, and a lot of people in my region voting absentee (including my husband). Since California gave up the punch-block system after the "dangling chads" disaster in Florida, the slowest part of voting is filling in those ovals with a black pen. It's like the GRE all over again: no Xes, no lines, and make sure you fill the WHOLE thing. Took about 3 minutes, vs. the under 60 seconds I could do with the punch-mechanism.

I listened to Christopher's Rise Against album on the way into work. I was hoping it would be better— instead, it's basically head-banging music. I call this genre Thrash. For all but three songs, the drummer sounds like Keith Moon on speed. Ork. :(

Christopher's teacher finally gave him permission to write his lengthy Explorers Report in cursive. His printing is excruciating to read, and his cursive is great, but she makes him print in class. However, the pain of reading multiple pages of his handwriting finally got to her and she bailed out of the report. That'll teach her. Curses to the lack of emphasis in Kindergarten on holding the pencil the right way. I've nagged and nagged, but he keeps reverting to the fist-clench method instead. :(