October 29th, 2008


Drive-by Pimping...

Signups for mini_wrimo continue through tomorrow! I've signed up for the 3rd year running, with my usual 100 words a day commitment. BUT! In the past, I've met it every single day-- and that includes when traveling out of town for Thanksgiving. :0

Do it. You know you want to!

Regarding last night's House, M.D., I finally have to acknowledge that I'm not loving this season all that much. The medical mysteries are still great, and I like the minor characters very well (I kind of love the P.I. guy, who is smart, perceptive and yet also oddly accepting). But the main problem is that House himself has finally become too much of a jerk-- it's starting to affect my enjoyment of the show. We've always known that he's not a nice man, and that he has a wicked sense of humor and likes to play with people's minds. But this season isn't so much 'teasing' as just outright cruelty and obstructionism again and again, and we've almost entirely lost the leavening factor of those occasional glimpses of humanity. Are you listening, show? You need to pull back a little. Also, your trailer ads of "What's that rascal House up to next week?" sound like you're running a soap-opera. Not good. :(

Slept badly last night. Spent a lot of time tossing and turning over various people on my f-list being mad at me and the unhappy details of the coming year's office Health Benefits changes (summary: lots of little cost increases absolutely everywhere). Then I got up, took half an antihistamine, and went back to bed and finally slept. Later dreams featured some only-in-your-sleeping-mind revelation about Obama's first two names, "Barack Hussein" being somehow paralleled to "Baruch Hashem" (Hebrew, could be translated as "Praise God"). Okaaaaay.

But was it worse than the dream about military training demonstrations involving burning down sections of forest?