October 28th, 2008


LJ, You Scare Me...

WHAT are you doing? Refusing to post comments, changing the display around randomly... settle down already! Geez. :(

We had a surprise visit yesterday from someone from back when the kids were in daycare at our local Jewish school. Lauren and her daughter were great friends, and this woman was driving past the house and for once someone was outside! We chatted with her and her daughter, and wished once again that they lived on our side of town. Such a nice family, and we resolved to keep better in touch. Really, the families we met during the 7 years total that our kids were in daycare there are still some of the nicest ever-- our local school was kind of a jolt by comparison!

Cycling: Yesterday, a family was coming the other way on the bike path and I wondered if the person at the rear with the bike trailer was a kid, as it appeared. In fact, yes-- it was an 11- or 12-year-old boy, talking over his shoulder to his younger sister (a clueless big-eyed 2-year-old with a binky in her mouth). So awesome! Best RL big brother I've seen in ages! Such a nice surprise-happy-moment. I love those. :)

Chuck: Oh, Jeff... your 'bizarre' runs even deeper than I thought. And overall I'm enjoying Season Two a lot, but not so much the apparent need for Sara to wear a tank-top at every single opportunity. Last night, she shed a jacket in the middle of hand-to-hand combat, and HalfshellHusband said, "She needed her cleavage to fight?" Yeah... you could make excuses about restricting arm-movement, but why the hell was there yet another tank-top under that jacket? The pandering, it gets old.