October 19th, 2008


Birthday Thanks!

Finally, I can use this icon for my own birthday. :)

I'm so behind in posting this-- it's been a crazy day and weekend, and I can finally read all the lovely greetings and ficlets and visit the virtual gifts from all of you. Thank you so much! I'll be updating with details as I go.

Yesterday was soccer, family chores, exercise, and logging in to find out I had work to do for my drac_suite team for the win_non_con Treasure Hunt! We went out for a pre-birthday dinner and movie date (yay!), and then I started working on my assignments at around 10pm. By 2:30am I had to call it quits because we had a trip planned for today.

Checked on the team this morning around 10am (ack-- the deadline, as it turned out!), and then we had a family trip to Apple Hill for crafts, fresh donuts, caramel apples, some cider, and... not so much with the pumpkin purchases. Wonderful trip, and a great dinner at home with cake and presents. Plus, family phone calls.

While I was away, SO many wonderful people sent virtual LJ gifts and posted greetings and ficlets.

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Also, an anonymous person gave me two months of paid LJ time, which was so sweet and unexpected! Thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

Thank you, one and all, for such a lovely birthday. What a fantastic group of friends you are!