October 16th, 2008


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Hope you all enjoyed yesterday's picspam post! That was easier to put together than some of the things I've done in the past-- semagic is more helpful for images than it used to be. \o/

It's SPN night again. I have no idea what this episode's about (because I live in an unspoiled world and I love it!), but I will say this: creepy-creepy music FTW in the promo. *is excited* :D

Cycling: Levee repair work has closed my major river bike path access points for the next two months (it's 3 miles between ramps now), which is a pain *grump*. Weeks ago, I saw something en route in the bike lane that I forgot to mention: a pile of black and white. I swerved over, thinking it was a skunk, but as I got closer I could see something fuzzy and yellow poking up out of it. It appeared to be a B&W bald-eagle stuffed toy. Now seriously, who ever expects to run across that, especially by the side of the road?

And... one word, no context: Pigby ;)


Happy Birthday, ms_genevieve!

It's the 16th here, but I know it's already your birthday in Australia!

Many happy returns to you, and I hope you have a wonderful year of love, laughter, and easy times on the house/home front ahead of you! {{hugs}}