October 15th, 2008


Is anybody still here?

For those of you going to wincon, which seems like everybody but me, have a great time and know that I'll miss seeing you this year!

We thought briefly about my going anyway, even though Sunday is my birthday (and the kids would not like or understand my being gone then), but it doesn't seem the right choice, family-wise. Looking at the flights, which would involve 9-12 hours of travel and 2-3 plane changes, only confirmed that feeling.

I'm feeling kind of disconnected from fandom anyway these days, with several people potentially unhappy with me or just "meh." That makes it especially hard not to be going. :(

Can't decide whether to do win_non_con, because we'll likely be gone part of Sunday (Apple Hill!). Plus, I'm not sure I'm especially skilled at knowing when to try to adhere to the letter of the task vs. when to go cracktastic on its ass, which is a valuable skill when playing that game!

However, if the idea tempts you, then you should totally sign up! *pimps mightily*

Safe flights and journeys to everyone else. Don't forget meeeeee!