October 1st, 2008


It's October, Finally!

October is my favorite month of the year. Not only is it my birthday month, but also...

It's Halloween Month too! \o/

One of the hardest things about leaving Oregon for me has been losing the feeling of 'Fall.' In Illinois, Fall lasts about 2 weeks between winter and summer, and you never know which two weeks they'll be. In Sacramento... it's similar, but if you blink you might miss it.

Growing up, Fall used to be a tangible season. The days became clear and crisp, the leaves changed color and started dropping off of trees, and the air smelled different. Where I live now, summer goes on forever with its endless heat and dryness, and things gradually start dying. After awhile, you might notice that there are lots of dead leaves on the ground-- but since the temperature has been relentlessly 90+ for months on end (and still is), this doesn't seem odd. Finally, October looms on the horizon and you suddenly realize that all the dead plant-life indicates something other than the side-effect of blazing heat. :(

On Sunday, I remembered that dead leaves mean we've entered the brief window where I can buy Gravenstein apples from the single grocery store chain that carries them around here. $1 an apple this time, but it's worth it! I'll have the chance for maybe one more trip before they're gone. Seriously, I should have looked into planting my own tree years ago, but I didn't realize that variety would always be so scarce around here.


Sunblock Serenade

For varying reasons of cost, efficacy, and oiliness, I now have and use 3 different kinds of sunblock. None of the containers look like each other, but that doesn't mean none of them resemble other things. That's how I wound up sunblocking my face with saddle cream today:

This smells kind of funny. Huh. And it's really greasy. Wait— augh! Yuck!

Years ago, when all sunblock maxed out a 25-30SPF and it was hard to find even that, I worked through three different kinds over a summer. Those were

Sundown: Evil-smelling, like carpet glue (which stinks like black beetles to me). Worked really well.
Coppertone: Inoffensive smell, and it worked.
Ban de Soleil: Smelled really great, hardly worked at all.

Dear-departed-Thor, the cat we had then, also had opinions on the sunblock based on its smell:

Sundown: There's a cat-killer on the loose! Flee the room!
Coppertone: You can sit by me as long as you don't touch me.
Ban de Soleil: Sure, go ahead and pet me. I love being petted!

I wish Hawaiian Tropics worked better and was less greasy. Because I love the smell of that— Mmmmmm... beach. :)