September 30th, 2008


e-shopping for the masses

I'm verging on eye-bleed from looking at wallpaper borders to redo the one in Lauren's room. It's been two weeks off and on, and I was about to order until I remeasured her border height just to be sure (good thing-- I was wrong the first time). So it's back to the 'Net again. *sigh* I really appreciate websites that separate borders from wallpaper and don't make me wade through BOTH, and one of them even has border height as a restriction. Though since they have hundreds of borders, that only helps a little.

Let me say, there's a lot of ugly/kitschy/screamy/precious stuff out there. Also, far too much tan/brown-- I could eliminate half of all decorating choices of ANY KIND if I could restrict for "not brown" and "not tan."

I've pretty much run out of good slash to read for Chuck, Iron Man and the Phelps/Lochte RPS stuff. I've found very little Chuck slash that I can tolerate-- the vast majority of it is written by someone who has a distinctly British narrative (which ruins it for me), and much of the rest is incoherent. For Iron Man, there's a lot of the British again, and also very little fully mutual Tony/Rhodey (it's almost angry-sex, and I can only stand so much of that). But there were also a couple of those first-time-gay-sex-encounters with one of the guys immediately begging for the buttsex, which is OOC for virtually any guy. And the Phelps/Lochte stuff has almost dried up in favor of femmeslash (no) or a choice between needs-a-beta or thirteen-year-old-girly-OMG-let's-write-lovey-poems! fiction. *hurk*

So I remind myself that 1)House is on tonight, and 2)That does not mean forgetting to DVR The Mentalist, and 3)I haven't drabbled in awhile, so it's probably time to tackle a prompt or two.

And randomly, perusing wallpaper (and its recurring Disney themes) reminds me that my kids are now 9 and 11, and have yet to see Bambi. I still don't think they're old enough, honestly. Christopher is still in pain after watching Radio at my sister's house, and Lauren couldn't handle E.T.. So, no Bambi yet. Wonder if they'd be able to take Dumbo by now?

ETA: So, I double-checked the last wallpaper site, and I'd restricted it by border height and Children's themes, and there were still 36 pages with 120 images each. Given that... how many kids want their rooms decorated with all those kitchen themes? And how many people overall will find a serious need for two different styles of lobster-themed borders?!?