September 29th, 2008


The Walls Are Alive...

And not in the musical way, either-- more of the chomp-chomp-skitter-skitter way. Ugh. Two four-legged household members have fallen behind on the job! Too much sofa time and too little outdoor time. :(

We had a pest control guy come out, and he did essentially what I would have done, which is to put a D-con type of substance in peanut butter and set it where vermin but not the cats can get to it. Days later, though... cruncheta-crunch-thwack-thwack. It was in the bedroom wall next to my head several nights running, and not even earplugs could block it out. I'll give it a few more days, and then I'm going out with the D-con myself. Yick.

Sweet Charity bidding has started-- I've got to get over there and see what's available for me to bid on! Some lovely people have entered bids already for my fic offerings (Hi, Deirdre!), and I'm looking forward to seeing who wins (and what I'll be writing)!

In TV news, we finished watching Season One of Chuck tonight (I recorded the S2 premiere). I'm totally in love with Chuck Bartowski, and I also appreciate the relish with which Adam Baldwin is enjoying playing the part of John Casey (single-minded maniac that Casey is). I watched the Desperate Housewives premiere last night, which was WTF? all the way through. I thought the leap ahead in time was temporary! What happened-- they decided they'd started a bunch of boring story arcs and might as well just skip over them instead of drone through them? Given that, you won't be surprised to hear that tonight's Terminator: SCC evoked a similar WTF response. Admittedly, I came about 7 minutes late into the program, but the whole Cameron thing was mystifying to me. On the other hand, I like the FBI agent more every episode and I liked him pretty well from the get-go. :)

Cakeage later this week, if I remember!