September 26th, 2008

Sam & Dean Gen

SPN 4x02 and other things

Christopher and a friend are involved in some recess fantasy about being members of the Fett bounty-hunting family from Star Wars. Yes, Josh and Chris Fett. A few illustrations have come home, but now also the beginnings of a story, which starts off as,

Chapter 1: My employer is a Giant Slug.

Ahahahaha! You know, that's how I've always thought of Jabba the Hut too.

Today's cycling was littered with squirrels (god, I hate nut-gathering season-- all 3 types of squirrels are out running amok), and I think I need to start wearing Breathe Rite strips for awhile (season change). I hate my nose-- I am almost always congested, but since I don't have allergies the treatment is limited...

Posted my kamikazeremix story over at, in the hopes that more than 2 people will read it. BUT, and this is one of the things I hate about, I cannot figure out how to format a link to the original story that the story-parser does not destroy. Gah! I've been through the line-spacing battle many times, and I've given up on the "don't strip my underscores" battle. But that parser drives me nuts. :(

Brief thoughts on SPN 4x02, maybe 50-60% "yay": Collapse )