September 24th, 2008


Micro TV Rant...

It's like a repeat of last season all over again!

Remember when I would forget to DVR Reaper half the time on Tuesdays because I'd get distracted by House, M.D. being on?

Okay. House was on last night... and I missed the premiere of The Mentalist, which looked worth checking out (and had Simon Baker being all charming and sardonic).

I'm more familiar with Torrent now than I ever thought I'd be (thanks to those "Reaper" fiascos!), so I'll be downloading the show I missed.

But here's a memo the the television networks: your staggered premieres, which go all the way out into October, just mean that I get settled into a routine of what I'm already watching and I don't adjust when you try to slip a new show in under my nose! Seriously, if there were a roadmap for how to drive more viewers to cable this would definitely be on it.

For last night's viewing in general, I have this to say: I'm proud of Wilson (stay strong), I'm only watching Fringe for the mad-scientist/son interactions (which I love), and how did the L&O:SVU premiere manage to make me irritated with both Elliot AND Olivia? (though my love for Finn Tutuola never dies)