September 23rd, 2008


THE Jensen and Jared Interview...

We had another office email this morning from an ESL person who'd broken the build, in which he apologized

for any incontinences this may have caused.

Dude... broken builds are pesky, but they're not THAT scary! :0

For Supernatural fans, I'm sure you've seen the news that Jensen and Jared are living together (whoo!) and perhaps watched a video interview that mentions this. But I'll link it anyway, and then I'll know where to find it myself. It was in better shape when I watched it last week-- it stops and starts constantly now (too many of you downloading it on repeat as happy background noise maybe?). Suffice to say, the boys like teasing each other immensely and also like teasing US about the nature of their relationship. Or tempting us, I'm not sure which. ;)