September 3rd, 2008


Free for now...

I had to go to the federal courthouse today for jury duty. I was in a pool but didn't make it to the jury box. Nonetheless, done for this week! Must check in Friday night to see what next week's hostage situation is.

Yesterday's cycling: Apparently, Canadian geese do not understand "Hey" or "Move." I wonder if a bicycle horn would motivate them? Although an air horn would be more fun for me. :0

Today's cycling: First, HOT. Second, the bike path has been... infested... with mourning doves for the last 6-8 weeks. As in, on the pavement all the time! There is no food on the pavement, for crying out loud. Though at least they fly off when you approach, unlike quail. I don't understand this behavior at all:
*danger coming* *toodle* *danger closer* *faster toodling* *Danger's here!!!* *take to the air!*

Seriously, if I had wings I'd use them at the drop of a hat.

Also? My own sweat irritates the skin on my face. Shades of Jr. High. :(

And below the cut, one of my favorite LOL'cats' in awhile: Collapse )