September 1st, 2008


Labor Day, Remix Day, Prison Break Day, or just Sept. 1

Prison Break premieres tonight, and I'm nervous as you know about where it's heading. Got some fantastic ideas on the "Help me write this!" post on Friday, but no finished PB story yet. I've got a nearly-done Pope piece, a Michael story that needs a fresh look, and a Lincoln piece that's closer to finishing (\o/)... but still not done.

However, HalfshellHusband took the kids out to a waterpark, so I have at least two more hours alone to myself. Will probably try to finish/polish at least one of those, and maybe see about digging out the violin. I have had ZERO significant alone time in almost a year now, other than late at night.

kamikazeremix postings are up. There are a LOT of stories there, but you have a week until the reveal!

I have lots of other peoples' stuff to read (some great stories were redone, and I'd like to see what the results were), plus at least one lengthier John/Matt Die Hard Slash fic I didn't get to over the weekend.

And some pesky work stuff to finish if possible, because Grand Jury Duty starts in two days. NOOOOOooooooo! Keep your fingers crossed that they'll hate me. :0

ETA: The family's back already, no violin time happened. But I did wrestle that Pope fic to the ground.\o/ 4-5 prompts left in the philosophy_20 table. :)
PB Cast

Prison Break Gen Fiction: Noble Theories, Revised Outcomes (PG)

Title: Noble Theories, Revised Outcomes
Author: HalfshellVenus
Character: Henry Pope (Gen)
Rating: PG
Summary: (Season One) Lots of theories have exceptions. Henry just didn't expect this to be one of them.
Author's Notes: Written during a 60_minutes_fic session on "Castles In The Sky." Also for my philosophy_20 challenge, this is "Theory."


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