August 28th, 2008



This looks like an interesting meme, if anyone's around...

In comments, tell me: What's your favorite story that I've written, and why?

Most of my stuff is on my fic pages, but some (especially the Prison Break ones) are a little behind on being updated.

*hopes for some comments-- the week has been slow*


Talkin' Bout The Tube...

I'm having an almost out-of-body experience watching half my f-list go nuts over the upcoming Prison Break premiere, because I feel so very much the opposite. I'm afraid that this season is going to kill the show dead for me. So long as it doesn't start I'm okay, but once it does the bomb will begin ticking... *sigh*

Now, as to other television... I remember the days *pulls up rocking chair* when networks used to show re-runs during the summer. NBC used to have an ad campaign based on things that were "New to You" if you hadn't see the show yet, and I vividly remember a "Commish-a-thon" years ago (which I did actually watch).

The point of all that was to save money on new programming, but it also meant that if you'd missed the show during the year then you had a second chance to discover it. Except not so much anymore!

Chuck: Didn't see this the first time around because I was watching Prison Break real-time and recording Aliens In America, and summer re-runs were my last hope. After all, the DVDs won't be ready by the time the new season starts!

Aliens in America got cancelled, but we really liked it. My husband proclaimed the Pakistani exchange student, Rajah, "adorable" again and again, because he was. The character had such a sincere, sunny disposition-- the kind of person where just knowing him makes you want to be a better person. I missed a few episodes during the regular season, so again I was hoping for re-runs. R.I.P., show.

Lost: I thought I'd be catching up on this one, but nooooo. I tuned in for the premiere last season, only to discover that it was a repeat of the prior season-ender, and then I missed the actual premiere the next night. What with it being on opposite Supernatural and perhaps also yanking my chain one polar bear time too many, I didn't make the effort to watch it. Summer would have saved me!

(Forgot One) Scrubs: I love this show, but it airs opposite Supernatural, which I am watching AND recording at the same time (so I can obsess over the episodes later). In summer, I'm available to watch! Except the show didn't do re-runs either. :(

Pushing Daisies: I DID watch this real-time (except for the episode that got pre-empted by local basketball), but I'd totally watch it again in re-runs. Take that, network schedulers.

Speaking of which, what goes on in these people's heads?

ABC Network Executives: Well, we can't do much this summer. Everyone'll be watching the Olympics then.

NBC: *airs 247th installment of two-person beach volleyball*
ABC Network Executives: Crap!