August 17th, 2008


Back on the Interwebs Again!

Whew-- two weeks away is a long time! If you wrote or created something you want me to see (or a major life event happened), please point me to it!

We got back yesterday evening, to give us a day of recovery (and school-supply shopping) before the kids go back on Monday (Gah. Much too soon). We saw lots of family, and did fun things for the kids up in Oregon. The early part of the vacation was a little rocky, as Christopher developed epic constipation that started the day after we left and continued through Wednesday with a doctor's office visit, extreme at-home measures (because Kaiser wants the parents to be saddled with the burden of performing an enema, apparently). and much crying and panicking on Christopher's part. *sigh* We kept delaying outings in the hope he'd improve, but he missed the Wednesday trip to the Oregon Zoo (he loves the zoo). He was better in time for the Oaks Amusement Park with the cousins, which is the highlight of the kids' vacation. His aunt and cousins were very understanding about his misery, and everyone was glad when he started feeling better. After he perked up, he spent more time playing with everyone and visiting the growing onsite menagerie. There are now two kittens (in addition to the adult cat, who was recently jailed in a large enclosure in the garage), two tree frogs, two geckos, three guinea pigs, two rats, one mouse, a rambunctious border collie, and a pending addition of a baby hedgehog. Said baby is 6 weeks old now (it was brought over for a visit-- so cute!), and Christopher got to hold it and also hear the final word on hedgehogs: illegal in California (god, what isn't?)

While in Portland, I got in four trips to Tryon Creek (3 of them for running-- two years ago there was NO running due to the plantar fasciitis, and last year I ran there twice). We visited with my older sister several times and her really great wishes-he-were-a-boyfriend buddy (I know I've mentioned that topic before). The sister we stayed with hosted an '80s block party (her neighbors are fun), and I was reminded of how much she loved the '80s and how much I hated them. ;)

Finally my parents were back from their cruise and so we headed down to Eugene. We stopped off at the Silver Creek Falls State Park on the way, which Christopher really enjoyed-- first canyon, first time to be IN a canyon, and first time to walk behind a waterfall (!). The place has a lodge and camping and swimming and other facilities, so I may look into an overnight visit there in the future.

We didn't do a lot with my parents other than visit, which is typical these days as they're getting older (and were tired after the cruise). We made a total of three trips to the Lively Swim Center (wave pool, water slide, mushroom waterfall-- it's fantastic for kids), one up the McKenzie for a picnic (and emergency blueberry purchase), and one to the Lane County Fair (ripoff at those prices, though the Alaskan Racing Pigs exhibit that we veered into on the way out was so bizarre that it made the whole trip worthwhile). I was up late watching gymnastics most of our time in Eugene (darn those time differences-- during regular hours it's all-beach-volleyball-all-the-time), and then sluggish in the mornings when it was time to exercise. Friday was 100 degrees in Eugene (Fair Day-- ork) and that was the day I picked to try running in the morning. *gasp*

We saw some movies (Remember The Titans was much better than I'd expected), and I read a lot of books which I will blog upon later. And there was minor ficcage-- birthday drabbles and some half-finished stories that I dragged to completion. Still have my remix assignment to work on, full steam ahead now.

I missed you all, though it was really great to get away from both work and from Christopher's summer-long spate of self-created anxieties.

Drabbles and fic to come...

Sam & Dean Gen

Supernatural Gen Drabble: You Bring It On Yourself (PG) for Janissa11

Title: You Bring It On Yourself
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Sam and Dean (Gen, Humor, Drabble)
Rating: PG
Summary: Yet another thing for the boys to argue about.
Author's Notes: A very happy belated birthday to janissa11—I hope you had a wonderful time, and I'm sorry I missed it.
Also for 100_ghosts, this is "Jack."


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