July 29th, 2008


How many more days to vacation?

First, Happy Birthday to dove95! I hope you're having a wonderful day, and that you are being treated well by those around you. Let there be cake! And if you'd like a birthday drabble, please drop me a line in the comments. :)


Busy weekend, even with Lauren gone to Girl Scout Camp-- mostly because her brother was evohl much of the time. What a summer it's been (*groan*).

We've done a bunch of DVD viewing lately, and saw The Bat Movie finally. :D

The Lost Room is a 6-part TV miniseries from the Sci-Fi channel that we really enjoyed. Weird, a little spooky, and funny in unexpected places. Cannot recommend this one enough. \o/

Shameless was too shameless for me. I am such a prude. It's a British TV series that we watched one episode of, and though parts of it were funny much of it was uncomfortable. Returned to Netflix.

Carnivale: about 1 1/2 episodes in, so far so good. Very interesting style (gorgeous opening credits), liking it so far. Not so pleased at the 2-episodes-per-disc aspect, though. :(

Glory Road: True-sports movie about the first black basketball team to win the NCAA championship. Really enjoyed it, and it wasn't plodding or formulaic as I might have expected.

The Dark Knight:Collapse )