July 19th, 2008


The All-Knowing F-List...

Let's start with Guitar Hero, since I know some of you play (and better than I do).

On Version II, I can hold the fret down sometimes for multiple notes (especially the ones that fly by!), but I haven't figured out how many. 3-4 if they're every beat and half-beat? Just 3?

On Version III, can I do that at all? I notice that if I hit the note slightly late, V3 will still count it (which V2 does not). But the multiple-note/single-stroke behavior seems a little different. True?

Randomly, though there are great songs like "Sunshine Of Your Love" and "Evenflow" and "Paint It Black" on V3, what is with the evil stuff like Rage Against the Machine and some of the more boring songs? And where's the Jimmy Page? It's sacrilege! Also, I hate the "battle" feature on V3-- I just want to go on to the next group of songs, darnit!

Now for my other dilemna... wallpaper secrets. Specifically (Hi, Witchy!), if I have a main pattern and a border, and I just want to change the border, what's the best way to do that? I know I could just put new border over the old one, but is that a good idea? If I try to remove the old one, will it take the main pattern underneath it along for the ride? Because that would be bad. :0