July 17th, 2008



You've probably already heard about the SPN kamikazeremix challenge, which is up for grabs, but if not then go take a peek!

I'm planning to take the plunge, even though there is NO guarantee of what you'll get assigned to write and you cannot refuse pairings (I'd turn down any Het OFC story if I could).

You get to choose which story of your own you want remixed, which is hard for me. I love my stories too much! Or something. Or maybe I fear someone doing either a crappy job or a way-better-than-me job on the remix. Yes, I am that pathetic. :(

But I'm debating right now between either the Gen Impasse story or the Wincest If I Would You When, because they're not fluff or PWP and because I don't think it would kill me to have them remixed. In fact, I'd be interested to see what a different take on them would bring!

Thoughts? Jeers?