July 16th, 2008


Happy Birthday, Rositimia!

Hope you're having a great day, and I'm sorry I'll miss you at Wincon this year.

If you'd like a birthday drabble, please drop me a line in the comments with some prompts! And may your cakeage be delicious and plentiful!


Back from camping, which went well for the most part, other than Christopher's moods (every family trip, I swear) and lack of sleep the first night (all as per usual). The smoke was light on Sunday, but gone Monday & Tuesday (gorgeous weather).

Highlights: went on a short (to me) hike with the kids on Sunday, and there was a patch of snow, which they played in for awhile! \o/ The kids also saw some very small ducklings at the swimming hole (I was still in bed), and did their boulder-exploring many times. Several good games of whackball, too. ;)

The part I always dread is breaking camp. Doing the kids' sleeping bags is like stuffing a snake into a thimble, and folding up the tent and cramming it into its case is precision-work AND filthy all at once. Bleh. Also of the bad was that I missed my last chance to take my annual lone hike up to the lake, over the dam, and across the hill and return via other trails (it's kind of a scramble, but a good workout). I thought I was going to get in the 4-mile version, but instead... I had to turn back after about 1.5 miles because the heels were loose on both hiking boots and the bottom was coming off the right one. I stopped twice to try to secure it, once with first-aid-kit gauze (useless), and then with a handy plastic bag I had in the fanny pack. That worked, though thank goodness I didn't run into many people after that. Felt like Sam in Bad Day At Black Rock. ;)


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Finished cycling for today-- heat overload, but I finally saw some baby quail!

Last Saturday, our family movie night choice was a bunch of Pixar shorts. Most of them I'd seen before, but there were two really good ones that were new to me: Lifted, and For The Birds. I especially like the sound FX in the last one-- the little birds all sound like evil squeaky toys. :D

And, courtesy of tyrical, I retried my "Interests Collage" since I now have enough LJ interests to make it worthwhile. Funny how I didn't even recognize some of my own interests in their image form! Lots of fat old men flying by, a fishing lure (the tool took forever to convert 'Pike Dexter' to a picture of that movie character rather than something to do with pike fish), and I apologize in advance for the elf-porn, but the only other images for "slash" are some band (lead singer looks like Howard Stern). Collapse )

Outstanding Hugh Jackman picture there, a gorgeous Jensen thing that looks like a manip (because I think he's too modest to pose for that), and poor Ravel got buried under... oops. Picked the wrong "Reaper" photo. :0