June 24th, 2008


Cabin Fever...

Argh! I might have mentioned that Sacramento is one of those places where you get cabin fever in the summer, thanks to days on end of oppressive heat (like Phoenix, but not as bad). But I always forget about the summer wildfires, that keep you indoors because of smoke.

In cycling news, I had two shorter rides Friday and Saturday because it was friggin' hot (thank you, manager, for your Friday 11am meeting). Friday's while-biking peak was about 98 degrees, so I went out 3 hours earlier on Saturday. No dice! The temperature rose faster, hitting 98-99 around 1pm already. Would have been a 108 day, except hot winds started up and leveled things off at 103. Whee.

So, nobody wearing a carrot suit on the parkway (as seen 3 weeks ago, before the hot weather). Nearly got a suicidal bunny last week (!), saw lots of quail (but no baby quail), and several bunches of baby turkeys. They were cuter 2 weeks ago before they got feathers, but still not bad. Lauren thinks they should be called turklets, but since my Dad uses "turkle" to refer to the animal that lives in a shell, I get the wrong image for that word. They're actually called "poults," which is kind of uninspired.

All of it beats yesterdays biking in the garage, to avoid the smoke outdoors. I see Wednesday heading that same direction. :(

Saw Get Smart this weekend, because nothing else is out. Funnier than I expected (not a gutbuster, but good), and I must say... The Rock is looking awfully damn good. I was distracted by some inappropriate m/m kissing thoughts about him at bedtime, but he was worth it. I also found myself (this happens a LOT) running off to imdb.com to see how tall he is, because he was a veritable giant compared to everyone else. Apparently, the movie was cast with average-sized people. The Rock is only 6' 3 1/2"! Alan Arkin, however, is still damn funny, no matter what.

Watched Water Horse with the kids a week ago. *sigh* Lauren didn't want to see it, because she thought it'd be too sad. Silly me-- I was thinking of THE BOOK it's based on, which was delightful and entirely G-rated. The movie is PG, due to augmentations like a WWII setting and people shooting at the creature and trying to kill it, and a bunch of other stuff that added nothing to the story, IMO. And Lauren was in tears by the end. :(

Posted a bunch of stories over the last few days, rounding out my genres a little! And updated the SPN fic pages, finally. Still have the PB ones to do now.

One thing I DON'T see myself doing is getting anything done in the yard anytime soon. Except picking cherry tomatoes. Mmmmmm... ;)