June 13th, 2008


Happy Birthday, Destina and Wrldpossibility

It's a dual-birthday day, for two lovely ladies from two different fandoms. :)

Dear destina, I hope you have a wonderful birthday and a year to match it. I know how hard the last birthday was, and wish very much for this one and life itself to better suit your gentle spirit. Many hugs and good thoughts to you today. ♥

For wrldpossibility, I hope you get an enormous cake that you do not bake yourself (perhaps one of those frighteningly messy ones with multicolored frosting dripping with love) and an excellent and productive year ahead on both the running and writing fronts! I'm already thinking of you with the 99o day forecast for us tomorrow and knowing that your weather pretty much parallels mine. Only being a morning person will save you, and I'm sure you've got more possibility in that area than me. Many happy returns and a wonderfully squishy day to you!

I have nothing prepared ahead of time, but if either of you ladies would like a drabble just let me know. :)