June 12th, 2008


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Feeling kind of beaten-up today. Sore back, the same "shoulder rot" that's plagued me for months, and sleepy. Anticipation of the kids coming home? Bad night? Haven't been sleeping well lately...

But! I said I'd talk about some of the movies I've seen lately, and there've been a bunch.

Boykissing movies first: Collapse )

Atonement was kind of disappointing too. Collapse )

Amazing Grace was better (and different) than I had expected. Collapse )

Baby Mama. Only because we ran out of things to see at the theatre (already saw Indy#4 and Iron Man). No spoilers here, but slightly better than I'd expected. Kind of funny, off and on. Nice contrast between income classes (the overly nervous, overly-prepared, overly-everything woman with money, and the woman who subsists on Dr. Pepper and Tastycakes and lives day-to-day in general). Thank goodness for the wide middle ground...