May 25th, 2008


The weekend so far...

I'm taking time off next week, both for my sister's visit (yay!) and also to have a little time with HalfshellHusband before school gets out. Hence, I stayed up until midnight on Friday coding, to get more caught up with work. :0

Saturday was my MIL's 87th birthday. We went to her apartment for a really nice lunch she'd put together and had cake and the whole bit. She's doing really well now; a year ago she'd just gotten out of convalescence for recovering from two broken hips, a broken wrist and a broken shoulder. She takes her walker everywhere in case she gets tired, but she's been exercising and building up her stamina over the last year. She has much more energy now, and is back to doing pretty much what she wants. :)

Afterwards, my SIL and her husband came over to our place to see which of our offered toys they were interested in for Sergei, and my recently-BA-graduated neice came too. We had a nice visit, which went on so late into the day that it torpedoed my bicycling schedule (the only negative there).

So today, to help make up for it... I biked forty miles. 38 for speed, 2 more to warm up/down. That's the farthest I've ever biked, because I'm usually too saddle-sore beyond about 30 miles. Whoo-hoo!

On the down side, I also got stung. A bee smacked into my face, then fell onto my arm where it would not leave no matter how hard I blew on it. Finally I pulled over, blew on it some more, watered it when it would not budge, and then tried to coax it off with my dog-spray container... which eventually panicked it, and it stung me. Arrrrgh! :(

Last night, we watched Black Hawk Down. I wasn't every impressed with it as a movie, but everybody is in it. The hard part was identifying the actors with all their hair chopped off (which made a lot of handsome guys much less handsome). This movie must have real value in the "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" game. I did have a moment of geek love for a collapsed stretcher, which folded up into nothing but was very sturdy when made full-size. It was an engineering marvel!