May 20th, 2008


I've got this Flintstone's song in my head...

It's HalfshellHusband's and my 19th wedding anniversary today. Where does the time go? Sometimes it seems like we just met...

Hope I'll be awake enough to enjoy some low-key celebration later. It's a bad sign when your first thought on waking up is, "What's that noise?" That would be the alarm clock. :0


Last night's Bones: just, No. Bad idea, badly executed. Crap writing, seriously - I didn't buy that storyline for a second. :(

Last night's House, M.D.: *sigh* Wilson was right the first time when he said Cuddy's plan was cruel. Should have stuck with that. :( And you know, when you take away all the flashy techniques of storytelling used in this 2-part finale, what you have underneath is a story that I still don't fully believe in because the Wilson/Amber thing was not established well-enough to sell it. They kept bringing it up, but what they showed of it lacked the depth to really make that finale plausible. Is this our legacy from the Writers' Strike this season, a bunch of finales that don't entirely work because there wasn't enough story build with those missing episodes? Though honestly, nothing could rescue that plotline from Bones.

Tonight is the Reaper finale, and I'm going to miss that show over the summer (though I'm glad it's coming back next year). Oh Sock, oh Devil - why must you be so funny?