May 16th, 2008


Happy Birthday, aeroport_art!

The best of birthday wishes to Li (aeroport_art), and hopes that your special day and the coming year are glorious Maybe even with a great job in the future!

If I can drabble up something for you to make it better, please let me know! *hugs and confetti*


Yesterday's bike to work adventure... was exactly that, an adventure. The distance was manageable (including the extra mile or so of getting lost in a couple of spots), but the rest? Just too dangerous and too much of a hassle. Oddly enough, it's my side of the freeway that's the bigger hassle. I must have had 30+ stops in the 7 miles to the overcrossing (every stoplight, every 4-way stop), which takes forever. I went back on a different street, which had fewer lights traded for more 4-way stops. And danger-wise, there were the spots of road with insufficient (or no) shoulder, people overtaking me and then turning in front of me (!), and kids coming head-on because they were biking on the wrong side of the road. :( :( :( Don't think I'll be trying that again. *is disappointed*

Last night's Supernatural finale: Collapse )



An impromptu sleepover just fell on us tonight. One of my daughter's friends who never goes to bed, and agrees with everything you say but sometimes does what she wants anyway.

Kill.Me.Now. :0

*Suddenly has no interest in going home. At 6pm on Friday *