May 15th, 2008


Is as distracted as possible...

SPN finale tonight! :0 *bites fingers* I'll be hiding from my f-list, because I am firmly unspoiled at all times! It's how I roll...

Biked to work today. Wow. That went a little worse than I feared, though I survived it. Just wait until I have to bike home, though. It took almost two hours (20.5 miles), partly due to the massive headwind but also because on my side of the freeway I had to stop for every single freaking light know to humankind. There are also a lot of schools along the route I chose, so the route needs some modifying if I do this again. Biking near schools during dropoff/pickup is incredibly dangerous.

Also, in a massive stroke of irony, I discovered that there was a reason GoogleMaps kept mapping a big loop where I didn't want it. I was on one of the main roads and thought, "Hey, what's that thing overhead? Crap, I think that's my left turn!" Ahahahaha! I've since re-examined the route to go home so THAT doesn't happen again.

And? Could not get the bike rack on the bike last night (long story), so I had to attach a small lavendar kids' scooter basket to the front of the bike to carry lunch (and jam some stuff in the extra water-bottle holders out the back).

This was not my most dignified experience, obviously. ;) And I'll be recording tonight's SPN on the off-chance that I fall asleep while it's on thanks to being utterly whipped from today's commuting adventure. :0