May 14th, 2008


One very nervous day left to SPN and counting...

First, Happy Birthday to strippedpink! I wish you some naked Jared (and time to enjoy that), and then some naked Jensen to throw on top of him afterward. ;) And for those of you who haven't seen it, she's made an incredible post of her investigative tour through the Padalecki Mystique.


Running: Boy, THAT did not go well. Made it through the first 2-ish miles, then had to stop, then re-started and stopped again 3 times before walking the rest. I hate being such a heat-weenie. This run was about 87o and on the humid side. I'm just not ready for that yet. *sigh*

A little over a week ago I added the icanhaschzbrgr feed to my f-list. I wish the entries had less extraneous junk in them, but the pictures are cute. This one for instance, which I recaptioned:
funny pictures

That little alligator looks so evil and so happy. :0

In the continuing exploration of boykissing movies, I finished Burnt Money. It fell seriously short on the whole slash aspect (the only real sex was Het, and there were only a couple of boykisses), and while the beginning was intriguingly moody I'm just not one for the heist/shoot'em-up genre at all and that's where the rest of the movie went. Handsome guys (and may I just say that, as this was set in 1965, I kind of enjoyed that the men wore suits pretty much everywhere, including to walk on the beach. These guys all looked good in suits). In summary, though, when someone tells you "I hear voices," the correct response probably is not "Come live with me."

Rewatched The Karate Kid with our kids this weekend. The crane kick still holds up, Mr. Miyagi is still my hero, but I noticed some things differently this time around.

There's a homoerotic/homophobic vibe (yes, both) to parts of the story - NOT, as some people have suggested (and I pity them), between Mr. Miyagi and his pupil, but between the EvilDojo Sensei and his boys, particularly the head bully. Evil!Sensei's body language around the bully (and the way he touches him) show the subtext of attraction to me, while at the same time the man clearly hates any form of weakness (Win at all costs is his mantra). I think there's some self-denial/self-hatred going on there, seriously.

The other thing that utterly escaped me 24 years ago was that Mr. Miyagi's wife died in Manzanar of complications from childbirth. Back then, this shameful chapter in U.S. history was unknown to me, so I didn't realize the significance of the details in that scene - Miyagi's wife dying because of insufficient medical facilities in a government-sanctioned concentration camp, while her husband was off fighting Germans for his adopted country. That scene was almost cut from the movie (the studio thought it unnecessary), but I'm glad they kept it.

In other news, tomorrow will be my stab at biking to work. 25mph winds and potentially 100o by end-of-day, but at least it should be a tailwind by then. Wish me luck. :0