May 8th, 2008


Moderate Fail? I hope only that?

I'd originally hoped to do a bike-to-work trial-run today, but wimped out over the 53F starting temperature (our weather sux. The high will be 81F today). That's pretty darn cold on a bike, thanks to the wind chill. So I brought the bike into work to ride at lunchtime instead... but left the biking shoes (with pedal-lock-attachments) at home. *sigh*


In another installment of boykissing, I finished October Moon about a week ago. Collapse )


I know it's SPN day (YAAAAY!), but instead I'd rather talk about some of the fun names on my f-list like saddle_tramp and pignapoke and hamsterofd00m and lunaticfringe_, or ones I've seen around randomly like donttelltheelf. What's the story behind your username (though I think one dates directly from an SPN episode)?

And for everyone in general, tell me something about yourself. What are your fandoms, your hobbies, your (gulp) political aspirations? I sound like your mother, don't I? ;)